How to Get Boost Mobile Free Tablet?

Looking for a flashy new tablet at an amazing price? Try the Boost Mobile Free Tablet instead. You will receive the latest tablet for free and many additional benefits you will want to take advantage of.

We will explain how to join the program in this fascinating article. Additionally, We explain everything you need and how to apply for the Boost Mobile free tablet program.

How to Get Boost Mobile Free Tablet

You will be able to easily apply with the help of this guide by getting all the information to get the tablet for free.

What Is Boost Mobile Free Tablet?

Discover the amazing advantages of the Boost Mobile Free Tablet initiative, which provides inexpensive access to cutting-edge technology.

You may receive a $100 discount on Boost Mobile tablets, laptops, and desktops by joining this scheme. The ability to obtain new tech without breaking the bank is amazing. You may get a free Boost Mobile phone.

A $10–$50 payment towards a tablet of your choice is all it takes to take advantage of this amazing promotion. With this little investment, you may test various low-cost tablets that meet your demands and budget.

Cheap broadband service enhances the already attractive pricing. The monthly savings on your internet service are what make this package unique.

Low-income or government-assistance customers may get a $30 monthly discount on their internet subscription.

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Is Boost Mobile Giving Out Free Tablets?

Boost Mobile may give qualifying customers a new tablet. Customers who activate or renew with Boost Mobile get a free tablet. You must use the $15/month data plan for six months.

Why Choose Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile provides great service at reasonable tablet prices. You may select the right no-contract data plan from their numerous possibilities.

Additionally, their nationwide network ensures a reliable connection. Free tablets may also be available to food stamp recipients.

You may maintain your phone number with Boost Mobile when you transfer devices. Your new phone will also be cheaper than $50.

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How to Apply Free Boost Mobile Tablet from ACP?

The Free Tablet through Boost Mobile is easy to acquire. Follow these easy steps to apply for a tablet and start using its benefits right now.

Step 1: ACP Eligibility Verification:

Check your eligibility for the Boost Mobile free tablet before applying. If you are eligible then submit your documents to National Verifier so that they can respond whether you are eligible for ACP or not. Meeting the prerequisites gets you to the next step.

Step 2: Choose Boost Mobile as a Service Provider:

After qualifying for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you can start looking for a service provider. Boost Mobile is as reliable as this service provider.

Step 3: Sign Up for ACP at Boost Mobile:

Sign up for ACP at Boost Mobile’s official website ““. Include your name, SSN, proof of income, and copies of low-income or government assistance documents.

Step 4: Sign Up for 6 Months of 5GB Data:

Remember that to get a free Boost Mobile tablet you’ll need to sign up for 5GB of data for 6 months, which costs $15/mo, and 6 months for $90. But if you qualify for ACP, you will receive a one-time discount of $100 from Boost Mobile which you can pay towards this price.

Step 5: Access Your Account: 

After signing up account information will be provided on your mail ID. It will also provide information on when you will receive the free tablet.

If refused, you will be notified of your options. Successful orders should get your free tablet from Boost Mobile within days. Your application address will get it.

With your tablet, you will have additional alternatives. The Internet has expanded career, healthcare, and education opportunities. The free tablet program from Boost Mobile gives you everything you need to thrive in today’s high-tech environment.

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Next Steps After Application Submission

You must know these things to get a free Boost Mobile tablet. Start with an application. After that, there are a couple of additional ways to boost your application’s prospects.

  • After applying, call Boost Mobile to follow up. This shows you want to follow your tablet application and are determined to get one.
  • Continue applying even if you don’t hear back. Your application may take longer to complete due to Boost Mobile’s high volume.
  • Even if you fail, keep trying! Keep going even if your application is rejected. Applying again is always possible.
  • If you follow these apply processes, you will be sure to increase your chances of winning a free Boost Mobile tablet.

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Eligibility for Boost Mobile Free Tablet

Free tablet programs from Boost Mobile will soon experience its numerous benefits. Let’s check the requirements to determine whether you qualify for this great opportunity.

Low-income eligibility

Food stamp recipients can get a free tablet from Boost Mobile if their family income is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. These requirements differ by state, so check your state’s requirements to establish eligibility.

Government Assistance Participation

Financially struggling Americans get numerous sorts of assistance from the US government. Free tablets are available to those who qualify for these initiatives. Here some examples are:

  • Federally subsidized Section 8 housing
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program
  • SSA Disability Insurance
  • Veteran Dependent Pension Plan
  • Home Energy Assistance for Low-Income Families
  • You may qualify for free or subsidized National School Lunch Program and Tribal Program. Tribal cultures may value.
  • Primary benefit
  • Low-income families that meet service provider eligibility requirements get temporary financial support.

Service providers may have different criteria. If you qualify, they will give you a free tablet. Make sure you meet your desired service provider’s standards. Follow the instructions above to see whether you qualify for a free Boost Mobile tablet.

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Documents Needed for Boost Mobile Free Tablet Via ACP

The document is needed to qualify for a free tablet under the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). These documents validate your age, residency, and program eligibility.

Most ACP providers accept electronic documentation through their website or mail, simplifying the process. Protect the originals but share copies.

1. Income Proof:

Provide a document proving your family’s annual income is below 200% of the federal poverty guideline. This form should provide your legal name and annual income.

Divorce decrees, child support awards, retirement or pension statements, Social Security statements, unemployment or worker’s compensation statements, and Veterans Administration statements are acceptable.

2. Verifying Government Assistance Program Eligibility:

A government assistance program enrolment certificate is typically needed to get benefits. This document should include your legal name, program name, awarding institution name, and a date within the previous 12 months or expiration date. Letters of permission, award, verification, and benefit declarations are permissible.

3. Age and Individuality Validation:

A valid passport, federal, military, state, or tribal ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, Permanent Resident Card, or US citizenship or certificate. Citizenship. Naturalization, citizenship, and related topics.

4. Physical Residency Verification:

A current, valid federal, state, or Tribal ID; a utility bill, mortgage, or lease statement; a W-2 or tax return; or any document proving your legal name and address.

5. Dependent Minors:

Emancipated minors may need a court decree or certificate of emancipation to prove their identification. The ACP requires you to submit information to verify your eligibility for a Boost mobile free tablet.

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What Tablet Plans Does Boost Mobile Offer?

The first plan is $50 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data. This package allows 12 GB mobile hotspot usage. This plan’s unlimited bandwidth and reliable connection let you carry your online life with you.

People seeking a lower monthly subscription might choose $35. Unlimited talk, text, and data give you freedom.

Because of the mobile hotspot, you may remain online and listen to music everywhere. Scalable without a yearly service commitment, this plan allows switching plans easy as your requirements evolve.

After 3 GB of data, your internet connection will drop to 2G. If you need more data at quicker speeds, Boost Mobile has solutions. You can get 1 GB of 4G LTE internet for $5 a month or 3 GB for $10.

Finally, Boost Mobile provides an Unlimited Family Plan with two price tiers: $35/month for unlimited call, text, and data with 3 GB of 4G LTE high-speed internet, or $50/month. Every line you add costs $30 per month.

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Benefits of Boost Mobile Free Tablet

Boost Mobile offers an appealing free tablet deal. Signing up and selecting the appropriate plan will get you a free tablet. Discover the great advantages of a free Boost Mobile tablet:

  • Unique Chance: This offer gives you an amazing free tablet. This fantastic opportunity shouldn’t be missed.
  • A Better option: Boost Mobile guarantees tablet quality. High-quality products are guaranteed with this purchase.
  • Application Flexibility: The Boost free mobile tablet has no limitations. There are nearly unlimited ways to play games, check email, surf the web, or try new software. This adaptable device fulfills your demands.
  • Without Future Commitment: This arrangement has no minimum term. If you are unhappy with the service or tablet, you may cancel. Boost Mobile always protects your unique choices.
  • Money Savings: Boost Mobile’s free tablet promotion is exciting and cost-effective. You can receive all the benefits of a tablet without paying full price with this bargain.

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Limitations for Boost Mobile Free Tablet

Boost Mobile’s free tablet is tempting, but there are conditions. Check them out further and follow each instruction.

  • Only one free tablet per eligible household.
  • Tablet availability may fluctuate based on supply and demand.
  • Free tablet offer terms and conditions vary by state and availability.
  • The free tablet offer is limited to only one person in the family.

Before accepting Boost Mobile’s free tablet offer, consider these restrictions.

Can I Switch to Boost Mobile from Another Service Provider?

The short answer is Yes. You may switch to Boost Mobile from another operator. You just need your account number, name, address, and PIN to switch to Boost Mobile.

Before switching to Boost Mobile, determine whether you need a new phone or want to bring your own. Fortunately, both options are accessible so that you may choose.

If you bring your phone, be sure it works with Boost Mobile. After unlocking your phone, you may switch to this service provider if it’s compatible.

Check your local Boost network coverage after gathering the above materials.

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Does Boost Mobile Have Tablet Plans?

Yes, Boost Mobile has different tablet plans, which come with different pricing and limitations.

Here are some Boost Mobile tablet plans:

1. $50/month for Unlimited Services:

This bundle from the Boost Mobile tablet plan includes unlimited calls, texts, and high-speed data up to 50 GB per month. Although your internet speed may reduce after 50 GB, you will still have limitless data.

This subscription includes 12 GB of Boost Mobile tablet mobile hotspot data each month.

2. $60 Unlimited Plan:

This subscription includes 60 GB of high-speed data each month. It also increases mobile hotspot data to 20 GB each month.

3. $70 Unlimited Gigs Plan:

This plan includes unlimited calls, texts, and 80 GB of data each month. After 80 GB, internet speed will reduce, but you will have unlimited data. This package includes 30 GB of monthly mobile hotspot data.

Which Tablet Is Free with Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile will give you a free tablet when you buy a 5 GB plan. The company promises one, two, and three-day delivery.

Some customers have claimed that their orders have taken five to seven days to arrive, indicating supply issues.

Boost Mobile is now offering the TCL Tab Lite as part of their free tablet deal. The features of this tablet are given below:

  • HD (1280 x 800) on an 8-inch screen.
  • 32 GB storage, 3 GB RAM.
  • microSD card slot for up to 256GB cards.
  • Getting 30 fps @ 1080p.
  • Supports the latest WiFi standards.
  • As fast as 4G LTE.
  • Your hotspot can connect to up to 10 devices.

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When Is Boost Mobile’s Free Tablet Deal Over?

The tablet with a 5 GB data plan deal from Boost Mobile is likely familiar. We are still determining when the deal was made available. Although the device discount is new, the 5 GB phone plan and 6-month service commitment have been available for a time.

After DISH Network acquired Boost Mobile, phone plans and carrier networks changed. This carrier’s website no longer offers the 6-month plan bundle in most states. This is frustrating, considering the free tablet requires plan enrolment.

You may still apply for Boost Mobile’s free tablet today, answering our question of when the promotion ends. No promotion end date is listed on the carrier’s website.

Monitoring the discount page is important as Boost writes the device deal rules. The provider might cancel the promotion at any time.

People also ask:


A free tablet from Boost Mobile is an appealing opportunity for qualifying individuals and families to gain digital agency and connection.

A free, high-quality tablet may help you remain connected, explore the digital world, and open new doors despite limitations and availability.

Enjoy the flexibility, productivity, and unlimited possibilities of the digital age with a free Boost Mobile tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Get a Free Boost Mobile Tablet?

To get a free Boost mobile tablet you need to sign up for 5GB of data plan for 6 months. This 6 month plan may cost you $90. But if you qualify for ACP you can get it for free with a one-time $100 discount, plus the tablet is absolutely free.

When Will I Receive the Free Tablet from Boost Mobile?

If you sign up for 5GB of data, and the company has availability, you will receive the free tablet from Boost Mobile in just 3-4 working days. But this time can often extend to 6-7 working days.

How Can I Use a Boost SIM Card?

Boost Mobile provides a free Boost SIM card to every new customer of theirs. If you buy the device from them this SIM will be compatible with it. But if you want to use a Boost SIM card in your old phone, Boost Mobile also has a Bring Your Own Phone feature, in which you can use a Boost SIM card in your phone.

What Is the Price of a Boost Plan?

Boost plan costs depend on data and voice bundle size. Basic unlimited talk and text plans cost $35 per month, with data charges dependent on consumption.

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