How to Get Free Government Verizon Phones?

Are you wondering how to get free government Verizon phones? You’re not alone. Many people are searching for cost-effective ways to stay connected, and the U.S. government’s Lifeline program is a key solution.

This program partners with carriers like Verizon to offer discounted phone services to eligible individuals.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps to qualify for and obtain a government-assisted Verizon phone.

How to Get Free Government Verizon Phones

Whether you’re looking for information on eligibility, the application process, or the benefits of the program, we’ve got you covered.

Stay connected without breaking the bank – let’s dive into how you can get a government Verizon phone.

Does Verizon Wireless Offer Free Government Phones?

Yes, Verizon Wireless offers free government phones. Verizon, as one of the major telecommunications providers in the United States, participates in the Lifeline program, which offers discounted phone services to eligible low-income customers.

To qualify for a Verizon phone through the Lifeline program, applicants must meet federal eligibility criteria, which typically include income guidelines or participation in certain federal assistance programs.

The application process for Lifeline benefits with Verizon involves submitting proof of eligibility and completing Verizon’s specific application procedures.

Depending on the plan and availability, eligible customers may receive a basic mobile phone or have the option to purchase a more advanced smartphone at a discounted rate.

The type of device offered may vary depending on the specific plan and location of the customer. Verizon’s participation in the Lifeline program is part of a broader effort to ensure that low-income individuals have access to essential communications services.

By offering discounted phone services through Lifeline, Verizon helps bridge the digital divide and ensures more people have the means to stay connected.

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Eligibility Criteria for Getting Free Government Verizon Phones

To be eligible for a free government phone through Verizon under the Lifeline program, applicants must meet certain criteria.

These criteria are largely determined by federal guidelines, with some variations possible depending on the state.

Here are the eligibility criteria for getting free government Verizon phones:

1. Income-Based Eligibility:

Applicants must have a total household income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This threshold can vary based on the number of people in the household and the cost of living in different states.

2. Program-Based Eligibility:

Alternatively, eligibility can be established through participation in certain federal assistance programs. Common qualifying programs include:

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Certain Tribal Programs for residents on Tribal lands, such as Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal TANF, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

3. One Benefit per Household:

The Lifeline program limits benefits to one per household. This means that only one person per household can receive a Lifeline discount, and they must choose between a landline or wireless service.

4. Residency:

Applicants must be residents of the area where Verizon offers Lifeline services. Verizon’s participation in the Lifeline program varies by state and region.

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Document Required for Getting Free Government Verizon Phones

To apply for a free government Verizon phone under the Lifeline program, you will need to provide certain documents to prove your eligibility.

These documents typically fall into two categories: proof of income or proof of participation in qualifying government assistance programs.

Here is the list of documents required to get a free government Verizon phone:

1. Proof of Income:

If you are qualifying based on income, you will need to provide documentation showing that your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Acceptable documents may include:

  • The prior year’s state, federal, or Tribal tax return
  • Current income statement from an employer or paycheck stub
  • Social Security statement of benefits
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
  • Retirement/pension statement of benefits
  • Unemployment/Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
  • Federal or Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
  • Divorce decree, child support award, or other official document containing income information

2. Proof of Program Participation:

If you are qualifying through participation in a government assistance program, you’ll need to provide a document that proves your participation in one of the eligible programs, such as:

  • A card, letter, or official document as proof of participation in Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or another qualifying program
  • Documents showing participation in Tribal programs for residents on Tribal lands, if applicable

3. Identity Verification:

You will also need to provide a form of identification to verify your identity. This could include:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Other forms of identification may also be acceptable

4. Address Verification:

Proof of your current residential address is necessary. This can be verified with:

  • A recent utility bill
  • A lease or mortgage statement
  • A government-issued ID with your current address

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How to Apply for Free Government Verizon Phones?

Applying for a free government Verizon phone under the Lifeline program involves several steps.

Here is the step-by-step guide to how to apply to get free government Verizon phones:

Step 1. Check Eligibility:

Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the Lifeline program. This typically involves having an income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participating in certain government assistance programs like Medicaid or SNAP.

Step 2. Gather Required Documents:

Prepare the necessary documents to prove your eligibility. This may include proof of income, proof of participation in a qualifying government assistance program, and personal identification.

Step 3. Choose Verizon as Your Provider:

If Verizon offers Lifeline services in your area and you wish to use them as your provider, you will need to apply directly through them.

Step 4. Application Process:

  • Online: The most convenient way to apply is often through Verizon’s website. Look for their Lifeline program section, where you can find application forms and instructions.
  • By Mail or In-Person: Alternatively, you can apply by mailing in an application form or visiting a Verizon store. Contact Verizon customer service to get the necessary forms and find out where to send or bring them.

Step 5. Complete the National Verifier Application:

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) manages the Lifeline program and uses a system called the National Verifier to check your eligibility. You may need to complete an application with the National Verifier, either online or by mail, before or as part of your application with Verizon.

Step 6. Submit Your Application:

Once you have filled out the application form and attached all required documentation, submit your application via the chosen method.

Step 7. Wait for Approval:

After submitting your application, there will be a processing period during which your eligibility is verified. If approved, Verizon will inform you about the next steps, which typically include selecting a phone plan and, if applicable, a device.

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What Free Government Phones Does Verizon Wireless Offer?

Verizon Wireless offers several types of free government phones through the Lifeline program.

The range of available phones can vary based on location, stock availability, and changes in Verizon’s inventory.

However, I can provide examples of the types of phones that are typically offered in such programs, along with some general information about them:

1. Alcatel GO FLIP: A compact flip phone with essential features like a physical keypad, a small color display, a basic camera, and a long-lasting battery. Ideal for those who prefer simplicity and ease of use.

2. Samsung Galaxy A01: An entry-level smartphone with a 5.7-inch display, dual rear cameras, and a decent processor. It runs on Android and offers a good balance of performance and affordability.

3. Motorola Moto E: Known for its decent performance, the Moto E series offers a modest camera, reasonable processing power, and a durable build. It’s a good choice for everyday tasks like browsing, social media, and basic gaming.

4. Samsung Galaxy A11: This mid-range phone features a larger screen, better camera capabilities, and improved performance compared to entry-level models. It’s suitable for users who need a bit more from their device but still want an affordable option.

5. Apple iPhone 7 or 8 (Refurbished): Older generations of iPhones, when refurbished, can provide high-quality displays, cameras, and performance, though they may not support the latest iOS updates.

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Benefits of Getting Free Government Verizon Phones

Receiving a free government phone through Verizon’s participation in the Lifeline program offers several significant benefits, especially for low-income individuals and families.

These benefits are designed to ensure equitable access to essential communication services.

Here are some of the advantages of getting free government Verizon phones:

  1. Cost Savings: The most immediate benefit is the reduction in monthly expenses. For individuals and families on a tight budget, saving on phone bills can make a significant difference, allowing them to allocate resources to other essential needs like food, housing, and healthcare.
  2. Connectivity and Communication: A free or discounted phone service ensures that individuals stay connected with family, friends, and important services. This connectivity is vital for social interaction, support networks, and maintaining relationships.
  3. Employment Opportunities: A phone is often a necessity for job searches, applications, interviews, and maintaining employment. It provides a reliable means for potential employers to contact applicants and for ongoing communications in the workplace.
  4. Educational Access: For students and lifelong learners, having a phone can facilitate access to educational resources, online learning platforms, and communication with educational institutions.
  5. Digital Inclusion: The program helps bridge the digital divide by providing access to modern telecommunications to those who might otherwise be unable to afford it. This inclusion is increasingly important as many essential services and information sources move online.
  6. Quality and Reliability: Verizon is known for its network quality and coverage. Beneficiaries of the Lifeline program through Verizon can expect a reliable service that ensures connectivity across a wide geographic area.
  7. Range of Options: Verizon often offers a selection of phone models under the Lifeline program, allowing beneficiaries to choose a device that suits their needs, whether it’s a simple feature phone or a more advanced smartphone.

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Other Verizon Discounts and Programs

Verizon offers a variety of discounts and programs beyond the Lifeline service, catering to different groups of customers and needs.

These programs and discounts are part of Verizon’s commitment to providing accessible and affordable services to a broad range of customers. Some of these include:

  1. Military and Veterans Discounts: Verizon offers special discounts to active duty military members, reservists, veterans, and their families. This can include savings on wireless and Fios plans, and sometimes special promotions on new phone purchases.
  2. First Responders Discounts: Similar to military discounts, Verizon provides special offers for first responders, which include law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical service personnel. These discounts are a way of acknowledging their service to the community.
  3. Student Discounts: College and university students may be eligible for discounts on wireless plans and possibly other products and services. These discounts are designed to make communication services more affordable for students.
  4. Teacher Discounts: Recognizing the importance of educators, Verizon offers discounts to teachers on wireless plans. This program is available to K-12 teachers as well as college and university professors.
  5. Senior Discounts: For older customers, Verizon may offer special plans and discounts. These are tailored to meet the needs of seniors, often including easy-to-use devices and affordable plan options.
  6. Employee Discounts: Verizon partners with many companies to offer discounts to their employees. These discounts can vary based on the agreement between Verizon and the employer.
  7. AutoPay and Paper-Free Billing Discounts: Customers who enroll in AutoPay and choose paper-free billing often receive a monthly discount on their Verizon bill. This is part of Verizon’s initiative to encourage environmentally friendly practices and streamline billing.
  8. Bundle and Save with Fios: For customers who use Verizon’s Fios internet service, there are often bundle deals available that offer discounts when you combine internet, TV, and phone services.
  9. Device Trade-In Program: Verizon offers a trade-in program where customers can trade their old devices for credit towards a new device or their Verizon bill. This program is a great way to upgrade to the latest technology at a reduced cost.
  10. Verizon Up Rewards Program: This is a loyalty program where customers can earn rewards like device discounts, gift cards, and experiences. It’s free to join for Verizon Wireless customers.

Useful Article:


Verizon Wireless, through the Lifeline program, provides an accessible option for low-income individuals to obtain free or discounted phone services. Eligibility for this program is based on income level or participation in certain federal assistance programs. The process involves verifying eligibility, submitting necessary documentation, and choosing a suitable phone plan and device from Verizon’s offerings.

This initiative not only helps reduce monthly expenses for eligible individuals but also ensures they stay connected for emergencies, employment, education, and social interactions, thereby contributing to bridging the digital divide.


How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for a Free Government Phone from Verizon?

Eligibility for a free government phone through Verizon’s Lifeline program is based on either your household income being at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participation in certain federal assistance programs like Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI. Residency in an area where Verizon offers Lifeline services is also required.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Verizon Lifeline Phone?

You’ll need to provide proof of income or participation in a qualifying federal assistance program, along with personal identification and proof of address. This can include tax returns, benefit statements, a government-issued ID, and a recent utility bill or lease statement.

Can More Than One Person in a Household Receive a Lifeline Discount?

No, the Lifeline program limits benefits to one per household, meaning only one person per household can receive a Lifeline discount, and they must choose between a landline or wireless service.

How Do I Apply for a Verizon Lifeline Phone?

You can apply online through Verizon’s website, by mail, or in-person at a Verizon store. The process involves completing an application form, attaching the required documents, and possibly completing an application with the National Verifier.

What Types of Phones Does Verizon Offer Under the Lifeline Program?

Verizon offers a range of phones under the Lifeline program, from basic models like the Alcatel GO FLIP to more advanced smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A01 or refurbished iPhones. The availability of specific models may vary based on location and stock.

Are There Any Other Discounts or Programs Offered by Verizon?

Yes, Verizon offers various discounts and programs for different groups, including military and veterans, first responders, students, teachers, and seniors. They also have an AutoPay and paper-free billing discount, bundle deals with Fios, a device trade-in program, and the Verizon Up rewards program.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for a Verizon Lifeline Phone?

The approval time can vary. After submitting your application, there’s a processing period for verifying eligibility. Verizon will inform you about the approval status and the next steps, which typically include selecting a phone plan and device.

Can I Choose Between a Smartphone and a Basic Phone with Verizon’s Lifeline Program?

Yes, Verizon often offers a selection of phone models under the Lifeline program, ranging from simple feature phones to more advanced smartphones, allowing beneficiaries to choose a device that suits their needs.

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